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4 years ago


Join us as we bring you an unedited hour of songs made up on the spot just for you!

Billy Blom and I have been bonkers-ly great pals for a cool dozen years. We connect on a lot of things, as committed to having the deep chats as we are to celebrating life and playfulness and creativity in so many of its ridiculous forms. One place where we find ourselves collaborating, at almost any moment available, is making up songs on the spot. For this episode, we turned on the mic and blasted off for a full hour of giggles and full moon flow, coming up with 5, 6, or 7 songs just for you, across the spectrum and beyond. I hope you have people in your life that you connect with in a way that feels like blasting off into the creativesphere and usually ends up in gut-busting giggles.

A half hour or so after recording, we filmed, from scratch and in one take, the second episode of our cooking show (with a twist you can find out about) "Breakfast on Fire," which was also a total blast and sort of a miracle given how easily it would be to lose it in several categories. It really felt like a special day in so many ways: * Email in your songs and stories and any and all things! *[email protected] Follow along for further pics and announcements! Instagram: @noahdaysnoblenights

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