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3 years ago

#11-SY MONTGOMERY (human, animal lover, explorer, author)

"Your work is your prayer!"

SY MONTGOMERY! This woman has been hunted by tigers, bitten by vampire bats, undressed by an orangutan, swum with river dolphins in the Amazon AND SO MUCH MORE and written all about it for us in almost 30 books for adults and young ones alike. We had a blast talking and I am so grateful for her to be on the show.

HER WEBSITE: Facebook: Instagram: @sytheauthor Twitter: @SyTheAuthor


MOVIES: Temple Grandin, Arrival

BOOKS: "What a Fish Knows"by Jonathan Balcombe, ALL OF SY's books

APP: iNaturalist:

PODCASTS: "A FOUR TRACK MIND" by Radiolab: "BECOMING A BADGER" by This American Life:

Songs: "I've Seen All Good People," by Yes and "Octopus's Garden" by The Beatles

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