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a year ago

#2-JONATHON (human, school-of-life valedictorian)

Orcas, Jaguars and a Surrogate Seal

*Hey Hi Hello Bonjour! *

Welcome back! Today we speak with our friend Jonathon, a role model extraordinaire of curiosity and wonder, deep thinking and celebration, check in with Briana for the FIRST EVER installment of BriBri's Missions, and then take a slow train to crazy-town with a smooth jam recorded just for you. Thank you for being here!

Jonathon's Recommendations: Book: THE NEW JIM CROW: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander

Music: Bands: CRICKET BLUE (check them up on Spotify! Beautiful stuff) and DIAMOND (still in the rough not currently listenable outside of seeking them out)

Movie: MUSTANG And since it came up (prepare for mind blow and for this to never leave your headzone):

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