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a year ago

#3-NOBLE Dreamin' Uphill

a get-to-know-you hike with yours truly

Hello Dears,
In today's episode, we strip back to basics and go for a springtime hike in the Vermont wilds. The idea here is to have an experience together and also for you to get a better idea of who you are listening to as the hub human for this podcast. Snacks, newts, birds and songs included! Share with a pal! Tell yer enemies!

Invitation: tell someone about your gratitude and/or appreciation for/of them! Report back! Voice memos welcome! Send to: [email protected]

@noahdaysnoblenights on Instagram for more pictures from the hike.

Song is a cover of "Take a Giant Step" by Taj Mahal (originally by the Monkees. Written by Carole King!). For Taj's beyond wonderful version, click here: and I DO DO DO recommend checking out the whole album!

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