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4 years ago

#1- TINA FRIML (human, comedian, etc)

Exploring Rocket Ships to Superstardom with Integrity

W-W-W-Welcome to episode one of NOBLE DREAMS! We launch now during a total solar eclipse. Join together with the band as we do some light housekeeping, sit down with the incomparable and endlessly wonderful, stand-up-comic-like-no-other-Tina Friml, and then sing a song just for you. SO grateful to have you here. Come on in-the dreams are fine!

TINA: INSTAGRAM: @tinafrimagram Twitter: @tinafriml youtube:

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INVITATIONS: Check out UPSTART CROW (show) and The Killers (band)-Recommended Album: Battle Born Also: The Art of Asking-book by Amanda Palmer

Dream On! xxnoble

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